Where are my uploaded routes?

You upload and share routes from SkiersApp by selecting Share on the Tools menu. Once uploaded you get a receipt displayed a dialog box showing a unique route ID number. Use this route ID on the routes page to view statistics.
Click here or select Routes on the menu bar (above) to visit the statistics and routes page.

Important: the routes and statistics feature is still in beta and being developed.

.NET Compact Framework error

You get the following error message immediately upon starting the application: “An unexpected error has occurred in SkiersApp.exe. Select Quit and then restart this program, or select Details for more information.” “This application requires a newer version of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework than the version installed on this device.”

This error occurs when you download SkiersApp directly (e.g., from or, not from Marketplace) and if your phone lacks version 3.5 of Microsoft .NET Compact Framework.
When downloading from Marketplace the .NET framework issue should be solved.
Install .NET Compact Framework 3.5 from the following location:

Please, email if you have any problems or questions!

the SkiersApp Team

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SkiersApp Help

SkiersApp is your downhill skiing companion. It displays skiing statistics for you while skiing. Data such as max speed, height difference, distance and max G-force is displayed. Bring SkiersApp to the hills and start checking your ski data.


  1. Maximum G-force
  2. Speed / maximum speed
  3. Height / height difference
  4. Running time
  5. Distance

Main screen

SkiersApp Main Screen
The main screen shows current speed, maximum, speed, height difference, current height, running time, distance and maximum G-force (i.e. acceleration).


Send... - use this to send an SMS or email with your current location.
Exit - quits SkiersApp
About... - displays SkiersApp version number etc.
Help... - displays help text (i.e. this web page)
Map Location... - displays your current location in Google Maps
Share... - anonymously uploads your latest route and statistics to
Reset - resets statistics